Become A Part of Something Powerful...

Help us change an entire industry

Embrace uncapped earning potential

Radical Transparency

Gain several opportunities as our company offers new divisions centered around growing our software solution.

"When I think back to when I started at this company, I am often astounded by how much its grown-but even more so, how much I was able to grow with it in such a short amount of time"

- Clara Ciminelli
Marketing Director & Team Leader

We Do This For The Culture...

We strive to create a work environment that is equally as rewarding as it is inclusive. Our values allow us to cultivate a workspace filled with innovative thinkers, team players, and the next generation of leaders.

Quarterly Appreciation Event

REN Skeeball League 2022

How Do We Do This?...

REN Bucks (Cash Rewards) when employees go above and beyond their day-to-day tasks

Quarterly Appreciation Events

Daily Group Recognition

Group Channel Public Shout-Outs

Rewards for Good Performance and Achievements

Amanda G. (Business Development Specialist) wins her first REN Buck

"We recognize our teams contributions in various ways and for both hard work and team spirit" - Chris Vicente, Operations Manager

The Tribes of Real Estate Nexus

Shared Services

Product & Engineering

Sales & Marketing

Service & Support

Meet The Team

Isaiah Colton
Head of Growth

Chris Vicente
Head of Operations 

Clara Ciminelli
Director of Marketing

Scott Tartaglia
V.P of Sales & Services

Lana Schultz
Services & Support Manager

John Lehman
Head of Product Development

Ian Francis
Chief Operating Officer

Alexander Perry
Head of Technology & Engineering

Johnathan Ciminelli
Head of Sales & Service

What We Value Runs Deep...

We have a strong set of core values that are the foundations for several benefits, programs, and policies that govern our mode of operation. We believe these values are a driving force behind why our team loves the workspace we have created for them. 

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