REN Frequently Asked Questions

Don’t want to wait for an email response?

Here you can find answers to many frequently asked questions. If you cannot find your answer here, feel free to contact us via email or telephone.

 Do You Offer Support 24/7?

 Yes we do offer support 24 hours a day via contact us or our REN ticket system. Please note that telephone support is limited to normal business hours (EST).

 How Do I Log Into The REN Dashboard?

 You need to have this premium service enabled for your dashboard account. Please contact us to get your account activated.

 I Can't Access REN GEO From My Dashboard?

 Navigate to the REN Dashboard and create an account if you haven’t already by clicking “sign up here”. If you’ve already created an account, you can simply login using your email address and password. Alternatively, you can also login to the REN Dashboard with your Facebook or Google account using those links at the login page.

 How Do I Set Up REN Apps?

 You can reach out to your marketing assistant to initiate the process for REN App access or simply contact us directly. 

 Is There A Difference Between Liondesk & REN Marketing Hub?

 Yes, REN Marketing Hub may be powered by Liondesk but it is actually a fully customized version of that system. This also includes additional features connected through our REN Database! It also provides larger quantities of email and video text as opposed to the typical Liondesk account!

 How Do I Log Into The REN Marketing Hub?

 Begin by logging into your REN Dashboard account and then clicking on the REN Marketing Hub tile under the “REN Apps” category.

 How Does The AI (Artificial Intelligence) Work?

 Our artificial intelligence scores your leads by tracking online behaviors related to real estate! Just like how Google and Facebook retarget ads towards your browsing history, REN AI is able to score your leads HOT, WARM or COLD based on their likeliness to buy or sell a home!

 How Can I Change/Customize Emails Going Out To My Clients?

 You want to begin in the campaigns portal of your marketing hub. From there, you want to navigate to the “published campaigns” section. In here you can search by campaign name (IE: “Real Estate Nexus: Home Seller Video Drip 2021”) and click the “save” button. This will prompt you to put in the passcode “REN” to download and save your own editable copy of the campaign. Once it is downloaded you can move over to the templates tab and begin editing!

 Why Aren't My Lead Sources Flowing Into The REN Marketing Hub?

 Certain lead sources have the ability to flow into REN Marketing Hub automatically through email parsing or API technology. Unfortunately, some CRM lead generation companies do not provide open API’s to pull this data from. As we continue to innovate and grow our list of integrated partners, please reach out to your marketing coach or contact us to review which sources can automatically flow and which will need a manual pull.

 Where Can I See Where People Texted Or Emailed Me Back?

 In your REN Marketing Hub you can go to the “communications” tab and then navigate to the texts section. In here you can use the drop down filter for “with replies” to show only contacts who have replied to your previous texts.

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